Updated 11/08/2011  

Grupo Latino de Rock Hill

We are a group of people from different nationalities and backgrounds whose purpose is to preserve ethnic traditions of Latin America for future generations by sharing and performing traditional song and dance. The principal values that all the participants of the group have are commitment, responsibility, dedication, and the true desire to share with pride and honor what each culture is all about.

Youth Group

The Youth group offers the most dynamic dancing and singing. This group is known for their talent and dedication. Their ages range from 15 through 25, and have a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, from Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and American. This talented group of youthful dancers has won many awards throughout the Carolinas and the eastern United States.

Children's Group

The children's group is the happiest most eager to learn, practice, and perform. All learning not only their own folklore, but others as well. They absorb every new movement and choreography like a sponge. Their ages range from 5 through 14 years old.

Adult Group

Exhilarating and experienced, the adult group is the pattern to follow by the youth and children's group. Every person in this group is special in his or her knowledge, talent, and in the desire to promote and divulge the Latino American folklore. Their ages range between 26 and 60 years of age.


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